Top 10 Players in NBA History

The National Basketball Association is at the pinnacle when it comes to round ball. Some of the most talented individuals of all time has graced this stage, but only a few will make the final cut as the NBA’s top 10 players. This top 10 is being judged on what I feel is most relevant, being Skill level, statistics, awards, and impact.

10. Tim Duncan:
In his 19 year career, the Big Fundamental has exceeded other power forwards because of his consistency, commitment, and high level IQ. Duncan’s game wasn’t flashy unlike others, but he was the total package on offense and defense. Whether it’s face-up jumpers off the glass, back down post-ups, or suffocating defense, Duncan’s game was complete and was awarded with 2x MVP, Rookie of the Year, and 5x Champion.

9. Bill Russell:

What can you say about this guy besides being an 11x Champion. Russell was the heart and soul of his team and he turned Boston into a legitimate Dynasty during his playing days. His dominating presence made him a defensive nightmare while averaging 22.5 Rebs per game for his career. The guy was simply amazing and personified being a true team player.

8. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:

The league’s All Time Leading Scorer is who this man is as he racked up over 38,000 total points in his career while possessing arguably the most dominating move, “the sky hook.” Twenty years of offensive prowess came from Jabbar while playing 1,560 games. This 7’2″ giant was a
6x Champion
6x MVP
19x All Star
2x Scoring Champion
7. Shaquille O’neal:

Arguably the most dominating force in history by sheer size along. Shaq was brute force at it’s finest with a touch of elegance. The Diesel dominated the paint throughout his career and at over 300lbs, was a nightmare to defend. The big fellow played for multiple teams through 19 years and racked up awards such as:
Rookie of the Year
2x Scoring Champion
4x Champion
15x All Star

6. Oscar Robinson:

The 6’5″ Guard personifies greatness and is arguably the best all around player in history. The Big O’s stats were simply mind boggling as he seemed to play with pure grace. Robertson averaged at Triple Double during the 1961-62 season with 30.8 pts, 11.4 assists, and 12.5 rebounds per game.

5. Wilt Chamberlain:

This dominant center’s numbers were stacked from head to toe. Wilt the Stilt holds the 4 Highest All Time Seasons of Scoring and scored a record 100 points in a game. Yes, he was that good. Though he wasn’t built like a brick house, Wilt imposed his will on opponents with turn-arounds, dunks, finger rolls, and swatting blocked shots. Chamberlain was a 2x Champion, 4x MVP, 7x Scoring Champion, and he led the NBA in assists for one year.

4. Lebron James:

King James makes the list because he simply makes everyone better. The 6’8″ 250lb is a beast on the court with his energized and athletic play. Though he doesn’t have the offensive prowess as others on the list, King James impacts the game like non-other by filling up the stat sheet. Speed, size, strength, agility, and unselfish play makes him a joy to watch and Lebron can guard all five positions. LBJ’s awards include:
3x Champion
4x MVP
Rookie of the Year
12x All Star
3x NBA Finals MVP
Cavs All Time Leading Scorer

3.Earvin “Magic” Johnson:

Mr Showtime is possibly the best point guard in history with his no-look passes, slashing drives, and floor running capabilities. Magic was simply “the playmaker” of the L.A. Lakers At 6’9″, Magic ran the floor like non other and commanded attention on both sides of the ball. Though his career was cut short by illness, his stats/awards are:
5x Champion
3x MVP
3x Final’s MVP
Rookie of the Year
4x Assist Leader

2. Kobe Bryant:
What can you say? Kobe Bryant is all that and some with his Jordan like jump shot, dazzling crossovers, and high flying dunks. The 6’6′ Shooting Guard can do it all and is 3rd on the All Time Scoring List. His Jordan like moves makes him impossible to guard and he hit 81 points in a game vs the Raptors. Though known as a volume shooter, Kobe has made over 20 game winning shots through his 20 year career and is the closet thing to “His Airness”.
5x Champion
1x MVP
2x Finals MVP
2x Scoring Champion
18x All Star

1. Michael Jordan:

There is no if, ands, or but’s about it, Jordan is a basketball God and is the Greatest Basketball Player in History and in space. No other player could match Mike’s skill, passion, abilities, and drive. The 6’6″ Shooting Guard has no weaknesses and is the best mid-range jump shooter of all time. Blazing quickness, tremendous jumping ability, insane footwork, hangtime, and a jumper nicknamed after himself, “money”. Jordan’s IQ is superb and has a sniper’s killer mentality with well over 25 game winning shots. Creativity with the ball is unmatched by anyone and Mike transcended the game to a global level. MJ is a brand rather than a person. From clothing lines to the best selling sneakers, Jordan is out of this world and check out his resume:
6x Champion
6x Final’s MVP
5x MVP
Defensive Player of the Year
10x Scoring Champion
Highest All Time Scoring Average
Rookie of the Year
3x Steals Leader
2x Olympian

There just isn’t enough room for all of MJ’ accomplishments as he has the highest playoff and final’s scoring average, more 50/60 games in history, and the true heart of a champion.