Who is Going to Win NBA Rookie of the Year in 2016-17

Top Potential candidates to win NBA rookie of the Year 2016-17. 
Predicting who is going to win or rather the top winners in the national basketball association in the year 2016/2017 is not a very hard task. I have keenly followed all the games in the current season, and quite a good number of players have kept their record all along. NBA has good players to the extent that quantifying or ranking them is a headache. However, some players are excellent, and their effort and momentum cannot go unnoticed. In my opinion, the following players have maintained their top position since the season started and I feel that they should win the NBA Rookie of the year.

Dario Saric tops the list. Dario has played professional basketball since he was fifteen along with other players of his kind. Commonly referred to as Orlando Magic, Dario Saric is quite magical in his right as once he gets hold of the ball, he becomes fierce and is hard to compete with. Before joining NBA, Saric had played for Philadelphia, Croatia, and Turkey and this background is believed to be the sole reason why he always tops in every game.
Saric having played for his third game in a row in the NBA, he has averaged ten points in every game and six rebounds at power forward. Saric can put up to twenty-one points in a single game and twelve rebounds at the same time. This is what am referring magical as very few can keep up with such scores. If Saric can only improve his mid-range game and how he selects the shots, he is a candidate in the NBA winners of the year. I do wish him well, and I know he is a potential winner in all forms and manners.

Jamal Murray is a yet another potential candidate in the NBA, and he is very likely to emerge a winner this season. His fans, I included, are very hopeful, and since he hasn’t lost zeal in the season, I believe he is a potential winner. Jamal came to the limelight in the 2014/2015 Kentucky club alongside other incredible players where they scored overwhelmingly. Murray was, however, silent for a year, and I do believe it was a rebuilding process as he came back with excellent performances. At Kentucky, Jamal Murray had averaged twenty points, two assists and five rebounds per game in just one season.
Murray’s ability to push the ball, pace and get hold of the basket while on the floor is one of his greatest strengths. While in college, he would slash the basket in rim-rocking jams which left all his views perplexed. At nineteen years of age, Murray was a perfect player, and he had already worked himself into rotation and him now comfortably scoops ten points, two assists, and three rebounds with ease. Being one of those players with the highest scores in this NBA this season, it would mean not to predict his win. All the best Jamal Murray.

Blake Griffin is another potential candidate to secure a win this season at NBA award of the year 2016/2017. Blake started playing basketball at a young age. In 2010, he fractured his left kneecap that saw him spend a whole year at home to heal properly. However, this break did magic once he was back on the floor. He once scored twenty-three points, four assists, and twelve rebounds and had since the maintained the exemplary performance. In the current season, he has continually taken the league by storm, and that is why I term him a potential award winner. Blake has perfectly helped Joel Embiid and their collaboration always yield great results. I, therefore, wish the three candidates all the very best, and I hope they win the NBA award of the year 2016/2017.